Statement of Significance

The History of Dance and Music in Australia 1788 -1840  provides an unique insight into the social and cultural life of people in the early European colony, at all levels of society.  It comprises a collection of dance instructions and music from historical sources which directly relate to early colonial settlement in Australia.  This is supported by extensive documentation surrounding each dance, detailing people, places, and events in the early history of the colony. It is significant in providing an understanding of aspects of history which are otherwise undocumented.  The work is exceptional in its scope and significance, greatly enriching an area which has previously been neglected.  It is of special interest to those interested in Australian history, including family historians and genealogists, folk and historical dance groups and musicians, curators of museums and  historic places, researchers studying local and national history, and researchers of dance, both nationally and internationally.

Heather Blasdale Clarke. January 2018

Further reading: UNESCO  Convention for Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage

The Journalist, With a View of Auckinleck, or the Land of Stones. Thomas Rowlandson, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons
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