Dance Heritage in Moreton Bay

Music Grant 2017

We have been awarded a grant by the Moreton Bay Arts Development Fund and Arts Queensland to give three dance workshops and record the accompanying  early colonial dance music.



The project will capture the story of music and dance in early colonial Australia with a focus on the convict dancing master, James Bushell, stationed in 1830s Moreton Bay. This unique  project draws on the latest research to paint a surprising picture of convict and early Australian culture in a way that has never before been portrayed.

Photo courtesy of Dave de Groot

Roland Clarke, lead musician of Phillip’s Dog will be in charge of arranging and coordinating the music for our recordings.

Dance Heritage in Moreton Bay

Primary to the project is the building of cultural capital for the participants both now, and
in the future. It will allow the participants to experience music and dances which were once integral and highly significant in our culture, but have now virtually disappeared. Our
community of dancers and musicians are proud to celebrate and share this important aspect of our local and national heritage which would otherwise be lost.

Our project will bring together musicians and dancers to develop three community
dance workshops with the music recorded for further use. The musicians will meet on six
separate occasions (three times to rehearse and dance, two times to record) exploring and
developing a distinctive style relevant to the period. The wider community will have the
opportunity to learn and enjoy these dances which are so much a part of our history.

A recording of the music will be further utilised in an exhibition on convict culture in the
Redcliffe Museum planned for August to December 2018. This will be used within the
exhibition displays, and to provide workshops for adults and children (school holiday
activities), culminating in a community dance.

If you would like to be involved in dancing, playing music, or just watching and listening –  come along to our regular dances at the Farmers’ Hall, Main Street, Samford, Brisbane.

14th July, 11th August, 8th September, 13th October

For more information and full list of dates for 2017 visit the events page.

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