Jane Austen Ball – 2023 National Folk Festival

Stepping into the light, English Country Dancing emerges in all its glory as a living tradition with dances from Playford to the Present. Wear your finest regency outfit, Bridgerton best, or anything you fancy and celebrate this latest chapter in the modern interpretation of Jane Austen’s world. Dances will be briefly walked through and called by Heather Clarke and David Potter, with music provided by the combined creative force of Philip’s Dog and Short Dented Potts. All welcome.

Working from the strengths of both the Queensland and NSW groups, the programme will include traditional dances, modern interpretations of traditional dances with unusual and eclectic music, and thoroughly modern dances. We have avoided the word Regency in our title as we are not intending to adhere to one era, but we did use the name Jane Austen because the popular reinterpretation of her stories in modern literature, cinema and television makes her an excellent figurehead for a project blending the traditional with the modern.

The musicians of Short Dented Potts and Phillip’s Dog will be performing music with a blend of classical style arrangement and folk improvisation, sharing our experience and expertise to create a new and exciting performance, while Heather Clarke and David Potter will be collaborating on a balanced dance program suitable for beginners, but still exciting for advanced dancers.

Tickets at the National Folk Festival https://www.folkfestival.org.au/tickets-2023

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